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Adapalene gel, manufactured by Galderma, is used to treat acne and pimples faster along with reducing the acne spots. One of the best OTC product to effectively treat acne. Adaferin 0.1% belongs to the class of drugs called Retinoid, which helps reduce blackhead and reproduces the skin faster.

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Adapalene Gel 0.1% is utilized in the treatment of acne. It assists with recuperating the pimples quicker and diminishes the quantity of acne spots. It belongs to the class of drugs called retinoid. It diminishes the arrangement of clogged pores and assists renew the skin faster.

The medication is typically found in a cream form, and should not be applied to abrasions, cuts, or suntanned skin. Stay away from contact with eyes as it might cause redness and irritation. This gel may make your skin become effectively burned from the sun, thus it is recommended to limit your time in the sun.

How to Use Adapalene Gel 0.01% To Treat Acne?

If you are utilizing an over-the-counter item for self-treatment, do carefully adhere to the guidelines on the mark. If you have any questions, counsel your drug specialist. If your primary care physician recommended this medication, at that point use it as educated by him.

Wash your hands before applying this gel. Gently Clean the affected skin and pat dry. With your fingers, apply a limited quantity of gel in a thin layer, for the most part once before sleep time, or as taught by your doctor.

Utilize this gel just on the skin. Try not to apply to the internal lip zone or inside nose or mouth. Try not to apply to a cut, scrapped, or suntanned skin or the skin influenced by dermatitis.

Maintain a strategic distance from contact with eyes. If it gets at you, wash with a lot of water. Call a specialist promptly if eye disturbance develops.

Wash your hands in the wake of utilizing this gel to abstain from getting it at you.

Adaferin Gel Side Effects – Things To Take Care

Acne might show up more terrible during the initial weeks of utilizing adapalene gel 0.01% since this medication takes a shot at pimples from inside the skin. It might take up to 8-12 weeks to get recognizable outcomes from this drug.

Use it consistently to receive the most advantage in return. Use it simultaneously every day to assist you with making sure to routinely apply.

Disease Interactions


Patients with eczema are not in any manner prescribed to utilize this medication because of extreme aggravation caused. Talk about with your doctor pretty much the entirety of your ailments and drugs you are as of now taking. Utilize this medication just according to advised by the specialist.


Play it safe while utilizing Adaferin 0.1% gel in the patients with burned from the sun skin because of expanded danger of aggravation on the skin. It is encouraged to dodge long presentation to daylight and utilizations sunscreen or defensive apparel during the treatment of this medication.

Adapalene Gel 0.1% Interaction & Precautions

This medication isn’t at all prescribed to be utilized by pregnant ladies except if totally essential. Provided that this is true, counsel your Doctor about the potential dangers and advantages before utilizing this medication.

Bosom Feeding ladies ought not utilize adapalene gel 0.1% gel except if incredibly important. At that point as well, this medication ought to be utilized simply subsequent to counseling the specialist about the dangers and advantages of utilizing it.


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