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Manufactured by Curatio Pharma, Ban A Tan cream containing Liquorice Extract Topical, Alpha-Arbutin Topical, Lumiskin and Mulberry Extract Topical as its active ingredients, is specially formulated for skin lightening and depigmentation.


Ban A Tan Cream – Proven Formula For Skin Brightening

Every skin is beautiful in its own way. But having the desired complexion truly serves as a blessing. Ban A Tan cream gifts you acne-free skin, skin lightening, skin soothing and skin whitening. It serves as a solution for anti-aging and erythema. It controls your blood sugar, skin depigmentation and many other skin-related conditions.

It functions by enhancing the skin deposition of hydrophilic skin-whitening agents, inhibiting the dopa oxidase activity of tyrosinase and superoxide scavenging activities and promotes skin pigmentation.

How Do You Use Ban A Tan Lotion?

Before the application of this product make sure that you read the patient information leaflet prescribed by the dermatologist.

First things first, wash your hands completely before you use this medication

Wash the areas of treatment with a mild cleanser and pat dry them. Apply Ban A Tan lotion as per the requirement and as directed by your dermatologist. Gently massage this cream till it fades away in your skin. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

It is most effective and safe skin lightening agent as it does not contain hydroquinone or any steroids. It will help in the removal of dark skin patches, tan and combating aging concerns, removal of dark circles under eyes and save you from the harsh effects of sun exposure.

Ban A Tan Cream Side Effects

Remember that your doctor has advised you to use this medication considering its benefits more than risks

There are no serious side effects reported pertaining to this cream. However, Ban A Tan cream side effects might include hypotension, headache or dizziness. This medication makes you feel very drowsy and lowers your blood pressure.

In case of any unusual effects on the skin, stop using the cream and consult your dermatologist for further directions.

Ban A Tan – Precautions & Interactions

Do not try to consume Ban A Tan lotion orally. Avoid using it on scrapes, wounds, chapped, irritated, cut or sunburned skin. Save your eyes and nose from getting in touch with the cream and if by chance they get so, splash water immediately. Make sure that you wash your hands completely before you apply this cream. Clean and dry the area of treatment before the application of cream. Refrain from washing the treated area immediately after applying the cream. Do not apply other products on the areas of treatment unless directed by your dermatologist.

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