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Efaderm cream, manufactured by Galderma, is utilized to recuperate burn wounds, darkish ocular surface inconvenience by indicating anti-bacterial activity, sustaining and moisturizing the skin. It likewise treats acne vulgaris, arrhythmias, melasma, and other skin conditions. It additionally smothers the melanogenesis in vitro.

Efaderm likewise shows results as an anti-aging cream that causes the skin to feel flexible and soft.

Ingredients Of Efaderm Cream

Efaderm is made out of-

  • Refined sunflower oil 10 %W/W;
  • Sodium chloride 0.5 %W/W;
  • Sodium lactate 2 %W/W;
  • Sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid 2.5 %W/W.

How to Use Efaderm?

  1. Wash your hands when applying the cream.
  2. Clean and dry the influenced region to be dealt with.
  3. Apply a dainty layer of the cream on the influenced region. Applying an inordinate sum may bring about peeling thus, utilize simply enough amount to cover the region.
  4. Try not to wash the treated territory soon after applying. Additionally, avoid using other products in the treatment area unless suggested by your doctor.

General Instructions

  • Keep away from the reach of kids.
  • Avoid direct daylight.
  • Store at a temperature not higher than 25℃ (don’t freeze).
  • Maintain a strategic distance from contact with eyes, mouth, and nose. If there should be an occurrence of any unintentional contact, flush altogether with warm water.
  • Follow the directions for utilizing the cream as coordinated by your doctor or on the label of the cream.

Side-effects of Efaderm Cream

There no reports of extreme reactions of efaderm cream. In uncommon cases, you may encounter consuming, itching, redness, and tingling. Be that as it may, if this condition perseveres or you experience any unfavorably susceptible response, quickly quit utilizing the cream and counsel your primary care physician.


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