Fucidin cream is an antibiotic cream that contains 2% of fusidic acid. The cream works by eliminating germs and microorganisms, specifically, staphylococcal bacteria that cause disease. It is utilized to treat impetigo, infected dermatitis, infected wounds and infected dermatitis, skin disease around nails, hair follicles, and cuts.

How Does Fusidic Acid in the Cream Work?

Fucidin cream is a topical antibiotic that contains fusidic acid as an active ingredient in a concentration of 2%. This acid works by preventing the microbes from creating basic proteins. This prevents the development of bacteria. Fusidic acid doesn’t straightforwardly murder the microbes however makes them incapable to replicate or increment in numbers.

Composition of Fucidin:

  • Fusidic Acid 2%
  • Potassium Sorbate IP 2.7%
  • In water-miscible cream base q.s.

How to Use Fucidin Acid Cream for Antifungal?

  1. Wash your hands prior and later applying the cream.
  2. Tenderly apply the cream to the infected zone 3-4 times each day or as advised by your primary care physician.
  3. Abstain from getting cream in your eyes, mouth, or nose especially on the off chance that you are treating an infection on face. If there should be an occurrence of inadvertent contact, wash altogether with a lot of water.
  4. Utilize the cream for as long as suggested by your doctor regardless of whether the disease is by all accounts cleared up.

General Instructions

  • Utilize the cream for 7-10 days from the outset to check whether you get any unfavorably susceptible responses or serious Side-effects of the cream. In the case of all is well, keep utilizing in any case counsel your Doctor right away.
  • Consult your doctor regarding all the current drugs and illnesses you’re experiencing.
  • If your infection doesn’t appear to show signs of improvement or turns out to be worse, counsel your primary care physician.
  • Additionally, see the specialist if the infection returns after the treatment.
  • Try not to utilize longer than recommended. Drawn out or repeated use may cause skin reactions and may likewise bring about microorganisms getting invulnerable to the medication.
  • Keep away from children.

Side-Effects of Fucidin Acid Cream

You may encounter some major or minor Fucidin cream side effects which incorporate skin rashes, itching, torment, pain, burning sensation, redness, or contact dermatitis which are unprecedented side-effects and are rare. Some uncommon side-effects incorporate hives, conjunctivitis, and skin rankling.

Allergic reactions may incorporate growing of skin, throat, face or tongue, or trouble in relaxing. Quit utilizing the cream if any of these conditions endure and quickly counsel your primary care physician.



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