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Manufactured by Ipca Laboratories Ltd and enriched with moisturizers for protection of hair follicles, Kera XL serum bears almond fat along with Vitamin E and coconut essential oils to strengthen fragile curly hair inhibiting hair breakage.

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Kera XL Serum Reviews

While some people are blessed with hair that replenishes and grows faster, hair of some oughts to take months or even years just to grow a couple of inches with thickness. While hair extensions are always a solution but trust us, they pluck even more of your hair while you remove them.

Kera XL serum reviews say that it protects, strengthens, and anchors the hair follicles & tames micro-inflammation leading to reduced hair damage. Blessed with vitamin E antioxidant, this oil functions to prevent dried flaky scalp. Kera XL’s new hair growth serum can curb the re-occurrence of hair problems. Its enriched and proven formula is suitable for all hair types and it is ideal for men & women both.

How Do You Use?

Before the application of this product make sure that you read the patient information leaflet prescribed by the doctor.

Shake the product well before you bring it into use. Also, remove any jewelry if worn. Lather the      Kera XL Serum with a small amount of water and apply it with your fingertips on affected areas. The quantity of 1-2 ml is advisable or as directed by your doctor. Use it regularly for best optimum results under medical provisions

Kera XL Serum Benefits

  • Strengthens protects and anchors your fragile hair follicles
  • Prevents re-occurrence of hair issues
  • Curbs micro-inflammation and reduces hair damage
  • Improves your scalp condition

Side Effects Of Kera XL Serum

Remember that your doctor has advised you to use this medication considering its benefits more than risks.

Kera XL serum includes side effects like pimple-like bumps, skin irritation, where shampoo is applied, oily or dry scalp and hair, abnormal hair texture, and hair discoloration. It can also turn your straightened hair to curly ones or vice-e-versa. Save your eyes from getting in contact with this shampoo or it may burn bad. Do not apply this product to broken skin or inflamed areas. Keep this medication out of reach for children.

In rarest of rare cases, the use of serum can result in hair loss. So concern your doctor and bring into his/her notice if it happens so.

Precautions & Drug Ingredients

Make use of only 1-2 ml of Kera XL serum as supervised by the doctor. Do not consume it by mouth. Use on your scalp and hair only. Do not forget to wet your hair before its application. Save your eyes, nose, and mouth from this shampoo and if by chance they get so, splash a handful of water and rinse it off. If you are allergic to any of its ingredients then pre-inform your doctor. If you are taking any other treatment then concern your doctor.

If your skin is swollen or broken, concern your doctor before using it. Refrain from using this shampoo if you are pregnant.

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