How Does Mintop Pro Procapil Hair Therapy Functions?

Mintop Pro is used for Procapil Hair Therapy. Mintop Pro Procapil Hair Therapy is a breakthrough proven formula that prevents excessive hair loss and strengthens them naturally. Propcapil bears a patented vitaminized matriline with Apigenin and Oleanolic acid which specifically aims at three main reasons responsible for hair loss.

Apigenin enhances the process of microcirculation into the hair follicles keeping them well-nourished. On the other hand. Biotnyl- GHK helps normalizing hair in the lower layers of skin thereby blessing with anti-aging properties.

Organically derived Oleanolic acid inhibits the secretion of Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical derivative of testosterone which plays a king’s role in hair loss in most men and some women.

How Do You Use Mintop Pro Hair Serum?

Part your scalp in such a way that affected areas get clearly exposed. Spray Mintop Pro hair serum 5-6 times over the entire scalp evenly (more on affected areas) and massage it gently. Rub in your fingers well till the solution dwells deep in your scalp. Repeat this procedure twice daily after your bath or take a shower and before your bed-time.

Mintop Pro Side Effects – Take Due Care

Mintop Pro hair serum is well tolerated but Mintop Pro side effects include burning sensation or irritation in eyes, redness, itching at the treated area. It can sometimes create a path for the growth of unwanted hair growth elsewhere on your body.

Severe allergic reactions may include hives, itching, rashes, tightness in the chest, heavy breathing, swelling of face, mouth, lips or tongue, dizziness, chest pain, sudden weight gain, and headache.

Mintop Pro Solution Precautions And Interactions

Avoid using it on other body parts unless it is supervised by your doctor. Refrain from using it on red, infected, irritated, cut, painful scraped skin. Wash your hands completely after the application of this solution. Save your eyes from coming in touch with this solution. This product is recommended only for males elder than or of 18 years age.

If you have a problem with scalp irritation, then avoid using Mintop Pro solution on days when you dye or treat your chemically. Do not use this medication rampantly, apply more only if directed or limit its use only to sunburnt scalp.

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