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Manufactured by Galderma, Permethrin cream 5% is an effective curative measure to treat scabies, a skin condition caused by tiny insects called mites that infest and irritates your skin. Permethrin belongs to the class of drugs known as pyrethrins. It serves as a blessing by paralyzing and killing these tiny mites and their eggs.

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What Is Permethrin Cream 5 Used For?

Permethrin cream 5 is used for Scabies. Scabies rash is a skin condition caused by tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabiei. It is an infestation rather than an infection. Tiny mites set up in the external layers of skin that refrains from invasion. Most people with scabies carry only 10 to 15 mites at any given time and one single mite is less than half a millimeter long. The dosage of Permethrin cream 5% for scabies paralyzes and kills the mites along with their eggs. Store this medication at a temperature ranging from 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid keeping at places like the bathroom and from children and pets.

Symptoms of scabies include an intense urge to scratch or severe itching, especially at bedtime. You may also experience small, fine, wavy lines on your skin with a burrow (a tiny insect at the end). These burrows are usually found on wrists, elbows, finger/toe webs, armpits, lower buttocks, beltline, female nipples, or male genitals.

How Do You Use Permethrin Cream?

Before the application of this product make sure that you read the patient information leaflet prescribed by the dermatologist.

First things first, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before its application. Apply Permethrin cream head to the soles of your feet, including your skin folds between the fingers and toes as well as your nails. Gently massage the cream such that it dwells deep and fades away in your skin. Rinse off the cream after 8-14 hours of application by taking a bath or shower.

Though permethrin kills all scabies, the dead mites can still cause you itching for approximately 4 weeks after the treatment. Concern your dermatologist and ask for other medications to soothe the itching. Do not forget to inform your doctor if your condition persists or worsens after 2 weeks of continuous treatment. Your doctor might need to look for living mites and prescribe you other treatment.

Side Effects

Remember that your doctor has advised you to use this medication considering its benefits more than risks.

Permethrin cream side effects include stinging, mild burning, redness, and dryness of skin where medication is applied during the first few weeks. You are likely to experience blistering, severe burning, crusting, and swelling of the skin. Other serious allergic reactions include rashes, itching, severe dizziness, swelled face, tongue or throat, and trouble in breathing.

However, this is not a complete list of possible and noted side effects using permethrin. If you notice other side effects then kindly inform and get in touch with your dermatologist.

Permethrin Cream- Precautions And Drug Interactions

Save your eyes, nose, and mouth getting exposed to Permethrin cream and if by chance they get so, splash water immediately. Pre-inform your doctor about your medical history especially if you have asthma or skin infections. Tell your doctor straight away if you develop severe redness or pus. Avoid using this medication if you are pregnant or on breastfeeding.

Do not flush this medication down the drain or toilet unless instructed to do so. Make sure you properly discard the product when it gets expired or is no longer needed.

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