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Tretinoin belonging to the class of retinoids and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson is a prescription-strength topical gel or cream. Tretinoin cream helps decrease the severity of acne pimples and promises quick healing along with rejuvenated skin.

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Tretinoin For Wrinkles – Your Ultimate Solution

When it comes to your skin, oil-sebum that your face secretes naturally and getting some tan can interest you for a while. But when you’re on third gear, you would wish to slow down acnes and damage caused by it. Tretinoin cream proves to be an absolute blessing as it takes away all of your acnes and treats sunburned skin. Help your skin shine clearer by using Tretinoin for wrinkles, the appearance of surface wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. It may sound counterproductive, but tretinoin functions by irritating your skin. It paces up the lifecycle of your skin cells, bringing them back to life.

How Do You Use Tretinoin Cream?

Before you use Tretinoin cream, do not forget to read the patient information leaflet prescribed by the pharmacist.

First things first, wash your hands before applying this cream. Gently clean the affected skin area with a soapless or mild cleanser. Pat it dry and now, use our fingertips for small application of this cream. A cotton swab or gauze pad can be used to apply a thin layer of cream. Your application should be such that cream should fade into your skin right away

Apply this once a day, more preferably at night before going to bed.

Side Effects Of Tretinoin Cream – Take Due Care

Remember that your doctor has advised you to use this medication considering its benefits more than risks. A brief sensation of stinging or blistering may occur on the spot after you land Tretinoin cream on your skin. Skin dryness, redness, scaling, itching, burning, and worsening of acne may occur in the first 2-4 weeks but as time passes by things will fall back into place.

Tretinoin Cream Precautions & Interactions

Avoid getting this medicine in contact with your inner lip areas, inside your nose and mouth. Refrain applying it on cuts, scraped, or eczema affected skin. Make sure you save your eyes from getting in touch with this medication and if it goes by chance, rinse it off immediately.

Tretinoin cream is used for topical use only and while using it, minimize its exposure to sunlamps and sunlight, hair products and harsh shops, wind, and extreme cold.


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