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Specially made for Indian summers and manufactured by Invida Pharmaceutical, UV avo sunscreen gel bearing broad spectrum of SPF 25+ shields you from harmful UV radiation and scorching heat. Amino acids, Biotin, Vitamins, Calcium Pantothenate, Inositol, and PABA are the active ingredients of UV avo sunscreen gel.

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UV AVO Sunscreen Gel For Scorching Heat & Harmful UV Radiation

Summers can literally make you all clumsy, lazy to go out where the sun is raining fireballs. Here, we don’t realize that damage is more than just unbearable heat. Harmful UV radiation penetrates deep into our skin and causes many infections that can be life-threatening such as cancers. UV avo sunscreen gel with its matte finish protects you from such horrendous radiations. The formulation of UV avo- SPF 25 reviews say that it is non-greasy and oil-free. It is dermatologically tested and proven PA+++ and Paraben-free formula to make your skin sun resilient and blesses you with UVA and UVB protection.

How Do You Use UV AVO Sunscreen Lotion?

Before the application of this product make sure that you read the patient information leaflet prescribed by the dermatologist.

First things first, make sure you wash your hands completely before its application and pat dry the areas of treatment.

UV avo sunscreen lotion is used for skin purposes only. Apply sunscreen lotion generously on the areas of treatment 30 minutes prior to you step outdoors. You need to re-apply the sunscreen after sweating, swimming, drying off your body with a towel, or after the lotion has been rubbed off. If you are outdoors for prolonged periods, make a habit of applying sunscreen every 2 hours.

Make sure you store this cream in a cool, dry, and dark places free of sun gaze. The temperature of 30 degrees Celsius is recommended for the best results. Protect it from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture.

UV AVO Sunscreen Gel Side Effects

Remember that your doctor has advised you to use this medication considering its benefits more than risks

There are no serious side effects reported pertaining to this cream. UV avo sunscreen gel side effects include stinging, redness, mild burning, and dryness of skin where the lotion is applied. You are likely to experience skin cracking or blistering. Rashes, pus in hair follicles, mild erythema, pruritus dermatitis, and skin ulceration are some of the rare side effects.

Sunscreen Cream Precautions & Drug Interactions

Before using UV avo sunscreen cream, pre-inform your dermatologist if you are resistant to any of its ingredients such as PABA/aminobenzoic acid, anesthetic drugs like tetracaine, benzocaine, sulfa drugs or any other allergies. If you are consuming any Vitamins or herbal medications, make sure you mention about them beforehand.

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the treatment. Save your eyes, nose, mouth from getting in touch with the medication and if by chance they get so, rinse them with water immediately. Make sure the areas of treatment are pat dry before you apply the lotion. Do not consume the medication orally. Do not wash the treated area immediately after applying sunscreen cream. Avoid the usage of other skincare products in the affected areas.

Refrain from using this gel if you are pregnant or on breastfeeding. Keep it out of reach of children.

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