Vaniqa Cream – Ultimate Solution For Lightening Hair

Getting frequent unwanted moustache and thick around your chin would be the last thing women would ever wish for. The pain one has to go through plucking or waxing them, itself leaves jitters. So, Vaniqa cream acts like one god gift and helps to clear unwanted hair on the face as well as under the chin in women, that too without any pain. It does not cease to remove hair or cause hair to fall out but it surely makes your facial hair lighter and finer not making them look like thorns peeping out.  So, your face shines ultimately making you feel as if you have no facial hair.

How To Use Vaniqa Hair Removal Cream?

It is important to apply a thin layer of Vaniqa hair removal cream on the affected areas of your face and chin. Adhere to guidelines and rub in well. It is normally applied twice in a day keeping a gap of 8 hours between its application. Wash it after keeping it for 4 hours. If you have recently epilated or plucked your hair, avoid applying this cream for 5 minutes and then proceed.

Wash your hands immediately after its application.

Side Effects Of Vaniqa Eflornithine Hydrochloride Cream

You may or may not face side effects after application of Vaniqa cream. These adverse side effects include stinging skin, acne, burning skin, headache, dry skin, pruritus(itching), erythema(redness), dyspepsia, skin irritation, rashes, alopecia, dizziness, folliculitis, anorexia, vertigo, asthenia, and even nausea.

Vaniqa Cream Precautions And Interactions

You should avoid using Vaniqa cream if you are allergic to eflornithine. Concern your doctor before using it if you’re expecting pregnancy, you’re pregnant or you’re on breastfeeding. It is not preferable to use Vaniqa cream if you are younger than 12 years.


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